Heroscape – A Use for the Minis!

While at the local gaming shop this weekend, my wife was once again fascinated by the gamers set up and playing with measuring tapes in hand on the store’s many tables. She announced that she would be into playing some miniature game of some sort. I think Warhammer Fantasy/40K are out just due to the resource cost (time and money) alone in getting up and running. So I turned to BoardGameGeek and looked at what they had to say about various miniatures games. Heroscape, which I had seen at various stores before and always found pretty interesting looking, had pretty high marks. So after a good amount of quick research, this looks like it could be an appealing Christmas present for the wife and I.
Part of the appeal is that there appears to be a large community of folks who spend a lot of time documenting how to add custom units to the game, using all kinds of 3rd party figurines from all over. I thought this could be a fun way to use my minis for more than dust-gathering.


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