Current Projects

Working on a lot of different things. I say working, but actually the fact is that I’m not doing a lot of work on any of them. Between time spent with family, and newly begun graduate classes in computer science, there’s not a lot of time. But, when I do have time these are the things I’m working on:

  • Still painting that slew of wood elves. I actually finished the Elven Warlord, with his magical horn, and have another horse painted and have begun on its rider, the Wood-Elf Herald, but to be honest I haven’t painted much in the past, oh, 8 months. Actually I was painting an old pewter mini I have of Smaug to coincide with reading the Hobbit for the first time to my girls, but that stalled a little, too. Need to get pictures of the Warlord up on the site.
  • Started work on not 1, but 2 different games. I have all these potential game design idea scribbled in several different notebooks, going back several years, and I finally decided to start making them a reality. My first is a turn-based tactical wargame, not unlike Heroscape, which I decided to code up using Java 3D. I call it BattleHex (for now), and I have the map generation working and placement of a couple prototype art assets. I’ve kind of stalled on it because the lack of support and community for Java 3D kind of bummed me out, which lead to…
  • RetroHack! I wanted to learn XNA, which is Microsoft’s freely distributed game development environment targeting Windows, XBox, and Zune platforms. So I picked a very simple, 2D, old school abstract dungeon hack type game to learn the language with. Got kind of bummed out when I realized there was no way to include any kind of UI elements, unless you code them up completely from scratch yourself. Ugh.

I may continue down the XNA path in the future, but for the time being, I think I’ll pick BattleHex back up in Java 3D and continue.


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A slew of Wood Elves


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