Next Project: Gargram Heavyhand, Dwarf Sergeant

After getting a bunch of sparkly gunk all over my dwarf warrior when trying to seal it with Matte Finisher spray, I ordered some Vallejo brush on varnish. While I wait for that (and some Vallejo Chainmail Silver and Gunmetal paint) to arrive to officially complete the dwarf warrior, I washed the next guy, Gargram Heavyhand, Dwarf Sergeant, in a black ink to get some nice black lining going when I start doing his armor chainmail silver. He’s also in 2 pieces; his missing arm has a shield strapped on it. He’s mostly armored in heavy plate armor, so I think I am going to do him in a combination of chainmail silver with gold accent/trim pieces. For the beard I want to do something that will stand out more than the white/gray of the last guy, but don’t want to do another red head so soon after Sir Theo, so I may go for a nice chestnut brown, maybe a reddish-brown, to stand out from the silver and gold armor a bit.


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