More Great Photography Advice

Found this article that has some detailed but easy to understand information on how to take good mini photos. It goes into good detail on how to use Aperture Priority mode to set the correct f-stop to get the best depth of field to get your whole mini in focus. Will try tonight, along with suggestions on lighting setup, to see if I can’t get better shots of my 2 minis.

Edit: Not 5 minutes after I came across that article, I found another, very good guide by FineScale Modeler magazine.

Edit2: More goodness:

With the camera set on Manual, adjust the settings so that it reads TWO STOPS over exposed. Read your manual to find out how to do this. Most cameras have three things to adjust : ISO, Aperture, and Shutter. Set the ISO at the lowest possible number, normally 100. This will make your images clean and noisefree. Set aperture at the highest you can, like 16 or 22. This will make your image sharp thru-out. We’ve all seen those pix where the guys sword is in focus, but the rest of the mini is blurred, high aperture will prevent that. With most of the digicams out there, you might not even need to go that high. Experiment to see what you get. Finally, adjust your shutter speed up or down to get the exposure to read 2 stops over. Some cameras will only let you set it so high, like say 5 seconds, and not any longer. If that’s the case, add more lights, or try lowering the aperture.


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