Intro to Miniature Painting: Sir Theo

OK, so I started playing Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning a couple of weeks ago, and my first main character is an awesome dwarven Iron Breaker. I was so enthused about playing him and how great a hero he was that I decided I wanted to get some gaming miniatures to have around to inspire my imagination. Then I got to thinking, maybe I’ll try painting them, too. I painted a couple of minis about 8 years ago when D&D 3rd Edition came out. They turned out pretty mediocre, but I was just fooling around.

Anyway, I found a couple of dwarven minis I liked and bought them; 2 days later and they were there on my desktop. It was then that I realized just how small these suckers were; minis in general are, but dwarf minis are even smaller. Maybe these weren’t the best place to start from scratch learning to paint minute details…

So, I decided to scour the mini sites and find a couple of human or elf figures I liked. I found a couple, and now they’re sitting here, ready to go. I’m going to start with Sir Theo, Justiciar. Below is a picture of what he looks like, out of the box (almost – the shield is actually a separate piece that I will wait to affix after I paint everything).

Sir Theo, unpainted

Sir Theo, unpainted

I also found a nice picture of the same mini painted by a real miniature master, Anne Foerster:

Sir Theo, painted by Anne Foerster

Sir Theo, painted by Anne Foerster

I’m sure mine will look nothing like hers when I’m done, but I will use hers as a guide for my initial foray into the world of miniature painting.


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